Dyslexia – Management

A common management strategy for Dyslexia is using a different method of teaching.

Education changes – Multisensory method of teaching used. 

A multi-sensory approach to teaching involves input from all the senses and requires cognitive imput to process the varied information. It has been shown to be effective in teaching students with learning difficulties. The aim is to pair visual and auditory stimulus with meaningful student activity, in a way that promotes understanding and builds on previous knowledge. It also allows students to use their strengths while developing weaker areas. Experiental learning, such as hands-on activities or computer-assisted learning, can assist those students with learning difficulties to assimilate the information in a meaningful way.


Multisensory Structured Language (MSL) includes the principles of scientific reading research but goes one step further with addition of the multisensory component. The multisensory component is what makes MSL differ to other traditional reading and spelling programs. The MSL Orton Gillingham approach is considered the golden standard and assists ALL children including children who have been identified with dyslexia or a related differences.




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2 responses to “Dyslexia – Management

  1. I don’t know if treatment is the right word to use, but I’m sure it would be helpful in aiding learning.

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